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We are engaged not only in the creation, but also in the branding. We see no boundaries, for we know everything about corporate clothing creation, and we love it. We have our own silk-screen printing workshop, where experienced specialists are engaged in applying logos.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we will professionally design any product in the original corporate style of your brand.

Clothing branding

All serious players of the goods and services market pay attention to clothing branding – from IT companies and car dealerships to air carriers and restaurants. On a T-shirt, polo shirt, sweatshirt, etc., you can put a logo, company name, coat of arms, emblem, slogan, and even the name of a specific product. It is popular to use branded colors when developing a design.

Branding of accessories

We offer branding of backpacks, neckerchiefs, shoppers, caps, ties, handkerchiefs and other products. Branded accessories can be an equally useful solution. They:

delicately remind about the company, imperceptibly fixing a positive image in the subconscious of the consumer;
they support the corporate spirit, especially if it is a stylish accessory that you can (and want!) use not only at work;
they replace the branding of clothing for an IT company or other enterprises where employees do not want to adhere to the dress code (even if it is a comfortable T-shirt or sweatshirt);
making accessories is cheaper, which is important in conditions of a limited budget.

Branding methods

We use the following technologies:

embroidery on automated Melco machines;
silkscreen printing on American M&R equipment;
thermal transfer;
sublimation, etc.
We choose the optimal method of applying the image, taking into account the type of textiles.

How quickly can I get a ready order?

Terms, as well as prices, are determined individually. Contact the managers to discuss the details of the project. We are ready to meet customers if the goods are needed urgently. But only if it does not affect the quality of services.

Is it possible to order products from the catalog?

It is impossible to buy or order branded items from the catalog. After all, in order for them to work for the image of the enterprise, the original design is important. The site provides examples of projects already completed. You can order from us not only clothes, but also pens, notebooks, diaries, umbrellas and other products.

Is it possible to order branding of other items (not clothes)?

Our specialization is branding on fabric. However, in addition to clothing, you can order the application of corporate identity elements on backpacks, neck scarves, baseball caps, etc., the application of the logo on promotional souvenirs (pens, badges, notebooks, etc.).



We create detailed, volumetric, multicolor embroidery. Our automated Melco machines help to achieve the highest quality.

Silk Screen Printing


Silk screen printing holds a special place in application, because we are one of the few who provides this kind of service in Belarus. We have our own silk-screen printing workshop, where experienced specialists are engaged in applying on American M&R equipment. Silk screen printing can embody almost any creative ideas and creative solutions. Printing can be either full color or black and white.

Sublimation Printing


Sublimation printing on fabric is a popular application method that involves transferring ink from special paper to fabric under high heat. Sublimation printing allows for maximum color reproduction and photographic quality. The drawing is developed in advance by our designers, then it is displayed on sublimation paper through special equipment. Under high temperature and pressure, the paint evaporates, penetrates into the synthetic fabric and is firmly fixed in it.

Thermal Transfer Printing


Thermal transfer is a method of applying an image to different surfaces with a special coating under high temperatures. The image obtained as a result of thermal transfer is inseparable from the fabric and does not deteriorate even when machine washed (up to 80 C). The high cutting precision ensures the quality of the application, and the thermal transfer itself takes only a few seconds.