Bomber jacket

Custom Bombers

Custom bombers are unique clothing that can be taken from your closet and worn in any weather, summer or winter, and for any event, such as a casual walk or business meeting. Bombers are now a basic outerwear in many people’s closets, but they originally appeared a few decades ago in the army for pilots. Since then, they have been modified and improved a lot. Many customers want to personalize themselves in some way, and our team of designers helps to develop a unique bomber with embroidery, which all the environment is sure to pay attention to.

We will emphasize the logo of any brand applying high-quality embroidery for giving more style, which will perfectly promote the customer’s company. For logo application, we offer the following options:

  • Screen Printing. Screen printing is based on an environmentally friendly water base, which we pay special attention to, as quality comes first. It can be used to create bright and clear logos on the jacket, which will stand out perfectly and catch the eye of passers-by.
  • Embroidery. Our custom embroidery stands out with high quality stitching because it is digitized by hand. This sets us apart from the companies that do everything on the computer, which can make the design look fuzzy.
  • Water Based Transfers. It’s flexible and convenient, with the quality of traditional silk screen printing. Water-based printing allows you to create garments that can withstand long wash cycles without getting even minimal defects. We use only phthalate-free, PVC-free, eco-friendly inks that can be applied to virtually any fabric.
  • Chenille Patches. High quality chenille patches can be sewn on or heat pressed. In this way the thickest patches are produced, similar to university jackets with logos of sports mascots, etc.

The design team will provide a variety of options for each look and will turn custom bombers not just into workwear, but into suitable for any event outerwear. Our team will discuss every step of the creation, from fabric materials to pocket placement. Nikofirm will do everything to create a special design for each customer.


Company Branded Bombers

Such outerwear as corporate bombers can bring a lot of bonuses for the promotion of any business. In this case, it does not depend on whether the team is already promoted or is just beginning promotion. Among the main pluses we can emphasize the following:

  • Marketing tool. Employees of the company, who will wear a bomber with embroidery, will become a walking advertisement and contribute to the growth of the business. We will do our best to create corporate bombers that people will want to wear both inside and outside of the workplace.
  • Boosting employee morale. You will firstly get great feedback from the team by providing logo jackets as work uniforms for your employees. The team will feel cared for by the management, which is an important factor. It will also create unity in the team, which will have a good impact on work processes.
  • Event Gifts. A unique bomber will be a great gift for the winner, if it is customary for your brand to hold team events with various contests. In addition they can be made into merchandise and sold to interested customers or sent to your partner as a kind gesture.
  • Versatility. Bombers are three-season twists — this means that you can wear them in spring and even in winter, and still do not feel discomfort. So you are investing a small amount of money compared to the possible period of their wear by ordering them in bulk for your employees. We will ensure the quality of materials to maximize the life of the thing.

Weighing all the pros and cons, we can conclude that custom jackets will be a good investment in advertising and the unity of the company. In addition they are simply a practical type of clothing with different personalization options that will protect your employees in any bad weather. They can always be used as a nice gift for employees or business partners, who have proved themselves.