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Nikofirm 2024

About us

Company Merch

We create unique and premium corporate apparel that is proudly worn by top IT companies around the world.


Why us?

We approach each project individually. Our main goal is to make your brand stronger and your team happier.

Over the years, we have collected the world's best equipment and organized a full-cycle production in order to create a perfect product for you.

Clothes That Unite Clothes That Unite Clothes That Unite Clothes That Unite Clothes That Unite Clothes That Unite Clothes That Unite Clothes That Unite Clothes That Unite Clothes That Unite

What services do we provide?

Thanks to our own production, we implement new projects in the shortest time and deliver finished products to your office. There is no word “no” for our clients, we always meet all kinds of range and timing.

Nikofirm has one of the most technically advanced silk-screen printing centers in Europe. We use water-based inks, the printing of which is considered to be more environmentally friendly and durable.


Ordering corporate merch is a strategic investment that brings numerous benefits to companies. First and foremost, it's an effective way to strengthen team unity. When employees wear uniform and stylish company merch, it creates a sense of team spirit and belonging to a common goal.

Сorporate merchandise also serves as a powerful branding tool. Logos and corporate styles on clothing not only increase company recognition but also create mobile advertising. Employees, being brand carriers, become a living advertisement outside the office, significantly contributing to the company's promotion.

Another aspect is the improvement of the internal climate. Сompany logo clothing creates a favorable atmosphere, contributing to the comfortable interaction of employees. This, in turn, has a positive impact on their motivation and productivity.

Clothing with Company Logo

Nikofirm is not just a company that produces custom branded clothes; it's a true brand architect. Our company stands out as one of the premier corporate clothing suppliers, offering a diverse range of high-quality, custom-branded apparel tailored to elevate your brand's professional image. Our mission is to help companies express their uniqueness through style and branding and create clothes that unite.

The advantages of Nikofirm lie in the outstanding quality of our products. We create personalised company merchandise to embody your ideas in high-standard products. We have close relationships with leading suppliers of clothing and accessories, allowing us to provide access to iconic brands in sports and style.

At Nikofirm, we offer a full cycle of merch for business production services. From the inception of project layouts to worldwide delivery, we cover every aspect of your merch needs. Unlike competitors, we provide a full range of branding services under one roof. Our design and development processes, including embroidery and product manufacturing, adhere to international standards to build custom logo clothing for your company.

We operate on state-of-the-art equipment, utilizing brands such as JUKI, BROTHER YAMATO, SIRUBA. Our silk-screening center is based on the American M&R Print technology, allowing us to provide custom logo on clothing not only durable but also environmentally friendly imprints.

The goal of Nikofirm is to shape a brand ecosystem for your company. We aim to help companies not only stand out externally but also strengthen their uniqueness internally. We believe that high-quality business merch is not just clothing but a tool for embodying your corporate identity. Contact us via the contact form or email to order corporate branding merchandise for your team.

Particular qualities of custom tailoring at NIKOFIRM

NIKOFIRM began as a family sewing business and within a few years had grown into a global company. Our urge for quality, individual approach and punctuality has helped us become a leader in the industry.

Corporate design

Corporate clothing starts with design. We use the best templates for men's and women's trousers, skirts, shirts and jackets. We can also develop unique products with completely new cuts. NIKOFIRM offers all types of clothing, from medical gowns and chef's uniforms to insulated waistcoats and polo shirts. We offer branding of machine embroidery, silkcreening, sublimation and engraving to personalize your order.

Own fabric warehouse and reliable suppliers

We offer a wide range of accessories and fabrics - from cotton, viscose and wool to unique double-sided materials. One of ours goals is to make high quality products using the best materials. With our own warehouse and reliable suppliers, we are able to find the best fabrics and start as soon as possible

Full cycle production

NIKOFIRM offers a full range of tailoring services for corporate clothing. For the customer, this means that you will receive your order just in time. Our team controls all stages of production. We guarantee that we will be able to meet all the requirements of the project.

Work with famous brands

We work with EPAM, itransition, ISsoft, CD PROJECT RED , Solvd, Social Discovery Ventures, DevGamm, Godel Technologies and Playgendary

Advantages of Ordering clothing with company logo

Cost-Effective Marketing: Compared to traditional advertising methods, investing in corporate merch is cost-effective. The one-time cost of producing branded items can yield continuous returns as they are used repeatedly over an extended period.

Unique Corporate Identity: Company logo clothes helps your company stand out. It allows you to express your unique identity and values through design and style. This uniqueness can contribute to a memorable and distinct brand image.

Promotional Gifts: Corporate merch, especially when used as promotional gifts, can create a lasting impression on clients and partners. Branded gifts serve as a tangible representation of your company and can leave a positive, long-lasting impact.

Employee Recognition and Motivation: Recognizing and rewarding employees with custom logo clothing can boost morale and motivation. It serves as a tangible acknowledgment of their efforts and creates a positive corporate culture.

Versatility in Marketing: Custom branded clothing comes in various forms, from clothing and accessories to stationery and tech gadgets. This versatility allows companies to choose items that align with their brand and cater to a diverse audience.

In conclusion, investing in custom logo clothes brings multifaceted advantages, ranging from external visibility to internal team dynamics, making it a valuable strategy for companies looking to enhance their brand image and market presence.



Merch is an irreplaceable symbol of your team.

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