Care Instruction


What is the correct way to wash clothes?

Before washing, check the pockets, fasten the zippers, and turn things inside out to protect them from fading. Also, sort things by material and colour: dark with dark, light with light. Wash the white separately. Painted products can emit paint, so follow the care instructions indicated on the label during washing. If in doubt, wash a small area. Is the water coloured? Such a thing should be washed separately at a temperature no higher than 30 degrees.

What do laundry labels mean?

The symbols on the labels will tell you how to take care of things so that they remain neat and clean. For washing wool or silk, cold water is one true decision. However, high temperatures help to better cope with pollution. For instance, bacteria cease to exist at a temperature of 60 degrees. Therefore, it is better not to forget to refer to the label.

What is the best way to preserve corporate merch?

Keep hoodies, T-shirts, shirts, and jackets on hangers so they will keep their shape longer. Fold the trousers in half and throw them over the crossbar. Store the skirts on hangers with clothespins. Do not hang several products on top of each other at once: this way they will crumple and lose their neatness.

Does the washing machine need to be taken care of?

To prevent bacteria from multiplying inside the washing machine, it is recommended to hang clean, wet clothes immediately. Many washing machines have a special mode that heats water to high temperatures and destroys germs. If it is not prohibited by the instructions, you can also use special cleaning products with antibacterial components: they protect the structure from both limescale and microbes.