Digital fabric printing: NIKOFIRM branded corporate apparel


Digital printing is a method of branding on clothing where a full-color image is transferred onto the fabric surface using industrial printers and textile inks that are fixed into the fibers. The pigment is resistant to UV exposure and surfactants (surface-active substances).


The main stages of digital printing on clothing are as follows:

  1. Design preparation.

This can be a logo, image, text, or any other graphic that represents the brand or company.

  1. Printing.

After processing the design, the printer applies the image onto the fabric. The inks penetrate the fabric fibers, ensuring high detail and vibrant colors.

  1. Fixation and drying.

After printing, the fabric undergoes a fixation and drying process, which secures the pigment onto the material and removes excess moisture.






Advantages of digital printing on clothing:

  • High level of detail and accuracy in reproducing the design.
  • Ability to print complex graphic elements, gradients, and fine lines.
  • Flexibility in design choices and the option to print in smaller quantities, starting from 30 units.
  • Fast production time for branded items with custom designs.









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