Distant work: an effective way to stay connected with team


The pandemic and the lockdown compel the workers to switch to the new works format. And a prime task of HR managers is to maintain employee involvement at a distance.



What is merch?

A pen, a notebook or a t-shirt with the logo of a musical group, a company is a merch. Power, energy, potency – the garments can reflect the beliefs and values of the company. Firms can order colorful hoodies, minimalistic shopping bags or fashionable capsules for each season. The elements on the clothing can be not only a logo or a combination of colors, these can be prints or quotes from the life of the company.


Merch – comfort and convenience!

Global companies switched to work-from-home and realized that remote style is the future of employment. Dropbox, Meta, Reddit prefer the format with in-office options.This is not only safe and saves budget for rent, it’s also more handy for employees, because people from different countries have the opportunity to work in the company of their dreams.

One of the downsides is the disappearance of the connection between the company and employees. Corporate merch helps to deal with this task. Branded clothing can be minimalistic or colorful, baggy or tight-fitting, relaxed or stylish.



Trend No. 1 – oversized

Without gender affiliation and for every type of body – voluminous hoodies, T-shirts, raincoats, sweatshirts and long sleeves are most often ordered.


Trend No. 2 – capsule wardrobe

Capsules may consist of a minimum set: T-shirt, hoodie and hat. Kit “on the go” – everything that might be needed on a business trip. With the change of season, the capsule can be supplemented with things and necessary accessories that are combined with those already in the wardrobe.


Trend No. 3 – Logomania

If earlier companies tried to make branding less noticeable, now the trend whereby obvious branding is strewn all over one’s clothes.


You can become a client from anywhere in the world. The company fulfills orders in large items through our production: design, cutting, sewing. We also use water-based, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly inks.

Representing your company through branding style with Nikofirm.