The Beginning of Collaboration between DevGAMM and NIKOFIRM with Lerika Mallayeva


In the world of game development, where innovation and creativity play a pivotal role, planning and enhancement become an integral part of the work. In this article, we will explore what makes the DevGAMM conference so exciting and how the collaboration with NIKOFIRM has brought a new perspective to merchandising.

📍 What’s most exciting about organizing the DevGAMM conference?
🦊 The most exciting aspect is the planning of new activities that haven’t been done before or the improvement of existing ones. It’s always intriguing to add something new, enhance formats, and face constant new challenges. It’s the most interesting part of the job because we never stand still.

📍 Do you remember how the collaboration between DevGAMM and NIKOFIRM started?
🦊 In 2016, NIKOFIRM made hoodies for us, and we really liked their approach and customization. Before that, we only made uncomfortable polo shirts, but here was custom tailoring to our measurements. We were very impressed by the creativity of the guys and their enthusiasm for creating clothing collections about our conference; thus, the DevGAMM Shop was born.


📍 Which products or collections from DevGAMM and NIKOFIRM do you remember the most?
🦊 We started making clothing collections with the identities of each conference and mascot. Plus, NIKOFIRM always approached the tailoring of the team’s uniforms creatively and actively participated in our quest with creative tasks.

I also love our corporate dresses! I always wear them to events, especially in spring and summer.

📍 What do you think is the most important thing in branded clothing?
🦊 Quality and the ability to withstand many machine washes. And there is clothing that lives for many years and withstands dozens of washes. That’s the best clothing!

📍 Three Words to Describe the Merchandise at the DevGAMM Conference?
🦊 Stylish, innovative, desirable 🙂